Photo /  Fake (a Photobook)

Apparently ***The Photobook*** is a thing

Photo books (two words) have been around since before I was a kid. I grew up on them. They were variously called picture books, monographs, perhaps even ‘photo books‘. My library is stuffed with them. But now it seems the ‘Photobook’ (single word) is a new publishing genre, a beckoning niche for a tired old trade that is frankly on the ropes.

Not to be outdone in this white-hot new market for the still photography business, I announce the publication of my first Photobook.

The title of my Photobook is “Fake”. Make of that what you will. You may preview it by clicking on the images below, to step through page spreads. And, you may download my “Fake” photobook in printable pdf format (10 MB)*. If you print and bind it into a real book, will it still be “Fake”? Oh yes. Only please, do not pulp too many trees in your misguided zeal to collect another photobook!

*best viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader, to preserve the spread layouts.

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